Introduction (A)

I am happy and honored that you have entrusted me in helping you find Your True Voice. If you can speak, you can sing.

Your voice is a manifestation of who you are. My desire is to help you be the best you that you can be - to be able to stand, speak, or sing in your true and authentic voice in all situations with confidence, love, and joy. “We are that we might have joy.” We will start you well on your way to superior vocal training. Regardless of your prior vocal training experience, Your True Voice - A Superior Vocal Training Program will improve your voice tremendously. 

The foundation of correct singing is found in the infant's cry. One learns to speak as the muscles are coordinated and strengthened through the infant’s cry. Singing is merely speaking in pitch over an extended range. The exercises found in Your True Voice - A Superior Vocal Training Program all stem from the infant’s cry. Your tone is then supported through correct posture and breathing. In this program, you will learn the breathing technique that was taught by two of the top vocal pedagogues of the 20th and 21st centuries - Seth Riggs and Richard Miller. 

This course is designed with three introductory modules to prepare for course content, and ten modules with exercises and techniques to help train the voice. This program should be done at your own pace. Because we are working with the muscles involved with vocal production, you will want to listen to your body and rest when needed, similar to taking rest days after exercising in the gym.

Some of the exercises in this program are particularly strenuous, such as the Edge exercises (e.g. Creaky Door). These exercises refine your tone, eliminating raspiness and breaks in the voice. You might want to begin these exercises in moderation, and if you start to notice scratchiness in the throat or cold-like symptoms, this may mean that your muscles are showing soreness as a result of the conditioning process. Still, you will want to manage symptoms promptly, treating it in similar ways as a cold. I provide my regimen for managing these symptoms in the Tips for Vocal Health.

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